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Solodrumming hat(now)ART 129
Fritz Hauser Drums, Xylophone, Temple Blocks & Maracas
1 Tic Tac 12.13
2 Traumbilder 9.14
3 Tutuguri 6.43
4 Klangwolke ll 2.17
5 Klangwolke lll 1.34
6 Klangwolke l 4.40
7 Labyrinth 13.30
8 Skizzen, Gedanken, Gesten l 2.25
9 Skizzen, Gedanken, Gesten ll 1.57
10 Skizzen, Gedanken, Gesten lll 0.57
11 Skizzen, Gedanken, Gesten lV 0.49
12 Skizzen, Gedanken, Gesten V 2.00
13 Der Pendler 15.00
Total Time DDD 24bit 74.34

All compositions by Fritz Hauser/SUISA, published by TUHTAH Publishing/SUISA.
Recorded in the glass-roofed court of the Martin-Gropius-Bau (Berlin) during the nights of April 4-7, 1985.
No electronic effects or overdubs were used on this 2-track DIGITAL Recording.
Recording and CD-master by Peter Pfister; Graphic concept by fuhrer vienna;
Liner notes by Guido Bachmann, Art Lange & Bernhard Strecker; Produced by Fritz Hauser;
Executive Production by Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger.
Special thanks to Corina Curschellas, Bernhard Strecker and the IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung Berlin).
Fritz Hauser plays Zildjian cymbals.
This recording has been available as hatART CD 6023.

1999, Edition of 3000 CDs.
Printed by Lüdin AG, 4410 Liestal, Switzerland
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