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DUHO UTR 4062 CD / direct sale
Urs Leimgruber soprano- & tenorsaxophone
Fritz Hauser drums, percussion, xylophone
1 4.12
2 3.02
3 4.40
4 5.12
5 1.44
Now one 10.13
Tours et Détours 30.24
Total time 63.36

All compositions by Urs Leimgruber & Fritz Hauser/SUISA
Digital 2-track Recording by Peter Pfister, assisted by Fanny Pfister, June 27th and 28th 1993 at Kleintheater Lucerne
Mastered by Peter Pfister
Artwork by Dogan Firuzbay
Layout by Rothenfluh & Hasler, Lucerne
Produced by the musicians. Executive producer: Pius Knüsel
Supported by Aargauer Kuratorium, FUKA-Fonds Lucerne
Special thanks to Kleintheater Lucerne, Ruth & Hans Greber
Fritz Hauser plays Zildjian cymbals.
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