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The Mirror hat ART CD 6037
Stephan Grieder organ of St.Leodegar at Hofkirche Lucerne
Fritz Hauser cymbals, drums, timpani
1 area 3.59
2 Der Kasten 4.58
3 area 3.04
4 from winds 13.30
5 area 4.12
6 Das Netz 3.30
7 Spirale 17.00
8 snapshot 1.21
9 Der Spiegel 7.25
10 Pilatus 3.12
Total Time DDD 62.10

All compositions by Stephan Grieder & Fritz Hauser, published by TUHTAH Publishing/SUISA;
Recorded March 9 & 10, 1989, at Hofkirche Lucerne, Switzerland; Digital 2-track Recording by Peter Pfister;
Cover painting "From Winds", 1986, oil and stone pigment on canvas, 227x182, by LeeUFan;
Design: Walter Bosshardt; Photo: Stephan Wenger; Liner Notes: Peter Niklas Wilson;
Produced by Stephan Grieder & Fritz Hauser; Executive Producers: Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger

Thanks to Fabrizio Brentini, Karl Raas and LeeUFan; Fritz Hauser plays Zildjian cymbals and Murbach timpani
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