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Pensieri bianchi hat ART CD 6067
Fritz Hauser 9 percussionpieces for 2 hands
1 Hexagon 5.20
2 silenzio rigido 1.50
3 volo notturno 13.22
4 Heptagon 8.10
5 bianco ombroso 5.56
6 cerchio nero 7.16
7 Quadrat 6.42
8 ballo delle streghe 10.15
9 grigio lontano 7.47
Total time DDD 66.37

All compositions by Fritz Hauser/SUISA, published by TUHTAH Publishing/SUISA, 2-track Digital Recording (no overdubs), May 27 & 28, 1990, by Peter Pfister, assisted by Fanny Pfister at the White Room of Castel Burio/Italy; Cover art by Raimund Girke; Liner notes by Art Lange; Photos by Giulio Morra (R.G.) & Stephan Wenger (F.H.);
Produced by Fritz Hauser and Pia & Werner X.Uehlinger.
This CD is also part of the Edition: CD (Concer) - Catalogue (Exhibition) - Etching (Cover) published by BRANDSTETTER & WYSS/Castel Burio-Arte Gallery&Edition, Zürich/Costigliole d'Asti. The collaboration between Fritz Hauser and Raimund Girke has been made possible by Daniela Brandstetter and Pius Wyss.
Special thanks to all the people at Castel Burio, Peter Kneubühler and Heinz Rutschmann.
Fritz Hauser plays Zildjian cymbals.
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