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Die Trommel hatART CD 6017
a radiophonic work 41.17 AAD

composed, played & realised by Fritz Hauser

Telcom multi-track recording & mixing by Jack Jakob at Studio DRS Basel
(editing by Bea Denss & Jacqueline Schibler)
Produced by Radio DRS 2 (Stephan Heilmann) November 1987

Die Welle  
soundscape for cymbals, tamtam and timpani (10 players) 10.30 ADD

composed & conducted by Fritz Hauser

Martin André Grütter 5 cymbals, cymbals a due, tamtam
Roli Fischer cymbals
Barbara Frey cymbals
Cyrill Lützelschwab cymbals
Lukas Rohner cymbals
Severin Steinhauser cymbals
Hans Ulrich cymbals
Ruud Wiener cymbals
Michael Erni timpani
Fran Lorkovic timpani

Dolby SR 2-track recording by Jack Jakob on the 6th of November 1988 at Studio DRS Basel.
Produced by Radio DRS 2 (Stephan Heilmann).

Die Trommel & Die Welle are published by TUHTAH Publishing/SUISA.

Fritz Hauser plays Zildjian cymbals; Cover & Liner art by Andreas Straub; Liner notes by Pius Knüsel;
Design by Walter Bosshardt; Thanks to Heinz Rutschmann & Grütter Percussion Shop Basel & Radio DRS 2;
Tapetransfer to DIGITAL by Peter Pfister; Executive Producers: Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger
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