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STILLLIFES - percussion music in dialogue with the paintings of Peter Mieg

Music Fritz Hauser
Lights Brigitte Dubach
Projections Boa Baumann
Fotos Beat Presser

My first encounter with the work of Peter Mieg ( Swiss composer and painter, 1906-1990) took place in form of a visit to his former home in Lenzburg, several years after his death. I was immediately touched by the atmosphere of his very personally shaped habitat and fascinated by the timeless, careful multiplicity of his activities in different realms of art. Especially his painting, which as a composer he persued in the evening hours, talked to me with its freshness, directness and energetic honesty.

When a few years later Boa Baumann, the president of the Peter Mieg-Foundation, proposed to create an artistic dialogue with the life and work of Peter Mieg I instantly accepted.

The Live-version of STILLLIFES was created in collaboration with Brigitte Dubach (lights) and Boa Baumann (projections). The paintings of Peter Mieg in combination with the lighting of Brigitte Dubach give the performance a poetic energy and connect music and space.

The CD version of STILLLIFES transforms the 6 parts of the Live version into an impressionistic sequence.

The used instruments are tubular bells, cymbals, bass drum, hihat, woodblocks and multiple small sound objects.